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What is the House of Lords?

This is where Lords and Baronesses debate and vote. It looks similar to the House of Commons, but is entirely red.

What is the House of Commons?

You may recognise it from the TV. It has long green benches and is usually show full of MPs.

How can I make a difference?

Whatever change you would like to see, planning is key. Try to work out who has the power to make the change and how you can influence them.

How are laws made?

Laws go through a fairly complicated journey which mostly start with the Prime Minister and her team. Here’s our easy guide to how the whole process works. The idea is that everything is looked…

What are Private Members’ Bills?

Despite their name, Private Members’ Bills are actually Public Bills — meaning they still apply to everyone. These Bills are introduced by MPs or Lords who are not government ministers (backbe…

What are Bills?

Once the Prime Minister and their team have decided what a law should look like, they send it to Parliament to be turned into a law. 

What can I vote for in 2016?

A guide to UK elections in 2016

How do the US Presidential Elections work?

A quick guide to this year’s elections in America.

How Are Laws Made? Comic Book version

A short comic book explaining the law making process

How does PMQs work?

It’s a crucial time of the week, but how does PMQs actually work?

Guide to Regional Parliament / Assemblies

There’s more to politics than Westminster! Since 1999, devolution has been an important part of the way the UK is run, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all being given more powers - includi…

What are the EU negotiations?

Here is a brief guide to what we’re trying to achieve with the EU negotiations

What happens in the Labour Leadership election?

Our guide to the process of the Labour Leadership election.

How is the Scottish Government formed?

Our simple guide to the process behind the formation of the Scottish Government

How is the Northern Irish Government formed?

Our simple guide to the process behind the formation of the Northern Irish Government

The London Mayor and the London Assembly: what do they do?

Our simple guide to the London Mayor and the London Assembly

What is a party conference?

Our simple guide to party conferences

Should the UK remain a member of the EU’s customs union?

Both sides of the argument over whether or not the UK should remain a member of the EU customs union

What is the Alt-Right?

Our simple guide to the alt-right movement

What is neo-Nazism?

Our simple guide to neo-Nazism

How does a General Election work?

Our simple guide to General Elections

What are committees and how do they work?

You’ve probably seen them on the news, when MPs sit in a semi-circle and ask someone lots of questions, but what do select committees actually do?

Who are the parties and what do they stand for?

In short, they are designed to create a broad umbrella for people who think largely similar things.

What is the Simple Politics Academy?

Course details of the Simple Politics Academy.

What is Unionism?

An infographic explaining the “Unionism” Ideology

What is Thatcherism?

An infographic explaining the “Thatcherism” Ideology?

What is Irish Republicanism?

An infographic explaining the ideology “Irish Republicanism”