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The ‘we need another Brexit referendum’ Bill

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This Bill would require the holding of another referendum once the Government has outlined its specific EU exit package.


The Bill’s sponsor, Geraint Davies MP, has argued that the public can only make an informed decision on exiting the EU once the Government has outlined a specific Brexit strategy. When the details on exiting the EU have been worked out then there should be another referendum where the public can make a decision to adopt the Government’s exit plan, or to remain in the EU.

The 2016 referendum on EU membership has thrown up many debates about democracy, sovereignty and how these decisions are made and this Bill forms part of those debates.


This is Geraint Davies MP’s Private Members’ Bill.

Other Arguments

The Government has said that it does not support another referendum on EU membership, as the initial referendum carries the mandate of the British people.

How to get involved

Contact your MP or the Bill’s sponsor Geraint Davies MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

As a Private Members’ Bill, this is unlikely to go through.