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The ‘protect victims of stalking’ Bill

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The purpose of this Bill is to create a new civil Stalking Protection Order to protect members of the public from stalking.

The new order will:

  • be available on application from the police to the courts;
  • enable the imposition of both prohibitions and requirements on the perpetrator; and
  • have a criminal penalty for breach.

The new order is designed for use particularly in cases where:

  • the stalking occurs outside of a domestic abuse context, or where the perpetrator is not a current or former intimate partner of the victim (so called ‘stranger stalking’); or
  • the criminal threshold has not, or has not yet, been met (such as while a criminal case is being built), or the victim does not support a prosecution.


The intention of this Bill is to provide the police with an additional tool with which to protect victims of stalking and to fill a gap within the existing protective order regime.


This is a Private Members’ Bill from Sarah Wollaston MP.

Other Arguments

Very hard to argue against this one.

How to get involved

Contact your MP or the Bill’s sponsor Sarah Wollaston MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

Most Private Members’ Bills don’t go through, but this is a longer Parliamentary session than normal so all bets are off.