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The ‘reform prisons to rehabilitate prisoners’ Bill

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  • To create Reform Prisons that prioritise the education, training, healthcare and rehabilitation of prisoners

  • To give Prison Governors more autonomy, including the freedom to enter into contracts and establish boards with external expertise

  • To create more transparency by requiring prisons to produce statistics on prisoner education, reoffending rates and employment on release

  • To modernise courts and tribunals by making better use of technology


Research has shown that on entry to prison, nearly half of prisoners have no formal qualifications or have been previously expelled. This Bill is an opportunity to give them the education and training that will allow them to integrate into society.

It has also been found that 46% of all prisoners re-offend within a year of release, demonstrating the need to put more emphasis on rehabilitation in order to create a safer society.

The use of modern technology in courts and tribunals will help speed up cases for litigants and reduce costs.


Liz Truss MP and the Ministry of Justice are in charge of this one.

Other Arguments

A former director of prison services and the director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies have called the Bill a ‘distraction’ from the real problems in the prison system of overcrowding, funding shortages and an increasing number of prison suicides.

The reforms, which include the use of satellite tags to allow some prisoners to spend weekends in jail and live at home the rest of the time, have been criticised by people including Tory MP Philip Davies for creating ‘part-time’ prison sentences, which are too soft on tackling crime.

How to get involved

Speak to your MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

As a Government Bill, it is very likely that it will go through.

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