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The “let’s make sure our nuclear material is still safe after Brexit” Bill

Bill Passed




This Bill makes arrangements for the UK to maintain its high level of nuclear safety after we leave the EU.


Currently, as a member of the EU, the UK is part of “Euratom” - the European Atomic Energy Community. Euratom oversees the safeguards that all EU countries have to maintain for their nuclear energy sector, including inspections to make sure that domestic nuclear material does not get diverted into the military or arms programmes.

After Brexit the UK will no longer be a member of Euratom so this Bill aims to provide a domestic nuclear safeguards regime that will meet the same standards as Euratom. This will protect trade of nuclear energy and material between the UK and EU and provide satisfactory evidence of nuclear safeguards to the international community and will give more powers to the Office for Nuclear Regulation.


This is a Government Bill from Greg Clark MP, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Other Arguments

The UK’s Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) said the Bill does not provide enough certainty for the nuclear industry and the Government should be pushing for a transitional agreement.

Tom Greatrex, chief executive of the NIA, said the Bill is just one small part of the “incredibly complex and time-consuming process to replicate existing regulation” if the UK leaves Euratom.

How to get involved

Contact your MP or the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

This is a Government Bill and so it stands a good chance of becoming law.