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The ‘make sure overseas visitors pay to use the NHS’ Bill

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  • To extend the number of services for which the NHS can charge overseas visitors and migrants

  • To ensure that the full cost of care is recovered and can be put back into the NHS

  • To introduce tougher rules meaning that fewer people from the European Economic Area are eligible for free NHS healthcare


This Bill will make sure that only UK residents who live here legally and pay into the system get free NHS care.

It would also help improve NHS funding, which can go into improving treatments and services.


Jeremy Hunt MP and the Department for Health are responsible for this Bill.

Other Arguments

Paul Nuttall MEP, the UKIP Deputy Leader, has argued that while the Bill highlights the costs of health tourism, doctors should not waste time screening people for their eligibility for free care and a more effective solution would be to introduce compulsory health insurance for anyone visiting Britain.

The Royal College of GPs have said the Bill undermines one of the founding principles of the NHS - that care is delivered free at the point of need - and argue any financial gains would be minimal. They point out the risk of overseas visitors delaying treatment for contagious diseases because of the cost.

How to get involved

Speak to your MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

As a Government Bill, it is highly likely that it will go through.

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