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The ‘speed up the housebuilding process’ Act

Bill Passed




  • To give local communities more power to plan the homes and infrastructure they need

  • The Bill also seeks to ensure that planning conditions that require developers to take action before work starts are only used when strictly necessary, but in a way that makes sure heritage and environmental safeguards remain in place, by inserting a new section into the Town and Planning Country Act 1990

  • It also includes measures to simplify the compulsory purchase order process to make it “clearer, fairer and faster”. The measures should clarify the process, which is “currently based on a patchwork of statute and case law and make the system fairer for all parties”.


This will help the government in their plans to build one million new homes and come up with a strategy for the future infrastructure that the UK economy needs.

It also aims to give more local say over housing developments and the planning process.


Sajid Javid MP, who heads up the Department for Communities and Local Government, is in charge of this one.

Other Arguments

Councils have argued that there is little evidence the current planning system delays housebuilding, pointing out that nearly nine in 10 planning applications are approved. You can read about their defence of planning conditions here.

Now the Bill has gone to the House of Lords, there have been a series of amendments made. The main areas for contention have been about how much control the Secretary of State will have over local planning decisions. The Lords voted in favour of an amendment that seeks to clarify whether or not the Government plans to restrict the capacity of local authorities to put into force relevant conditions.

How to get involved

Speak to your MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

As a Government Bill, this is very likely to go through.

Additional Information