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The ‘HS2’ Bill

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  • To give the government power to force people to sell land so that the new high-speed rail line can be built between London and the West Midlands


Many people support the building of the second high-speed railway. They believe it will bring much more money to the north of England and ease overcrowding on existing trains.

HS2 would also employ thousands of people, both in constructing the line and running it, benefiting the UK economy.


Chris Grayling MP heads the Department of Transport who are in charge of building HS2.

Other Arguments

There are a large number of people who believe that HS2 shouldn’t be built. They argue that it’s far too expensive and that there is little evidence it will improve the economy. If it does bring more jobs and money, it may take them from other parts of the country.

Another argument against HS2 is that it will be ugly and despoil some beautiful countryside.

How to get involved

The main group against the development is STOP HS2.

Both Conservatives and Labour are in favour of the rail line, so getting in touch with your MP (in England) might be a good start if you want to help the Bill go through.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

This Bill has been put forward by the government. As the Conservative Party have more than half the votes in the House of Commons, they can pass the Bill if they all vote for it. This Bill is also supported by Labour, which gives it an even better chance.

This is not true in the House of Lords, so there could be some difficulty there. That said, as with all Government Bills, it is very likely to go through and become law.

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