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The “make sure British hauliers can still operate after Brexit” Bill

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This is another Brexit bill. It is designed to give the UK the powers we need to support UK hauliers to continue operating internationally after the UK leaves the EU.

Key elements of the bill include:

  • arrangements to enable a permit scheme, if required as part of a deal with the EU, which would ensure UK hauliers can obtain the necessary paperwork to provide services to and from EU countries;
  • the establishment of a trailer registration scheme to ensure UK operators driving on the continent can comply with the requirements of those EU countries which require the registration of all trailers travelling on their roads.


The Government has said that the UK’s overall aim in the negotiations with the EU is to maintain and develop the existing liberalised access for commercial haulage, as part of the wider future partnership.

It is possible that the future deal with the EU could require a form of permitting system and the Government will need to have legal frameworks in place to introduce a new administrative system if required.

Chris Grayling MP, Transport Secretary said:

Our road haulage industry is right at the heart of the £110 billion of trade that takes place between the UK and EU every year. We believe reaching an agreement to continue the liberal access enjoyed by both sides is in everyone’s interests and remain confident we will do so. But I also understand that hauliers are planning for the years ahead and want to have certainty that any future deal can be implemented smoothly – so this Bill ensures we have plans in place if the deal requires a permitting system.


This Bill has been introduced in the House of Lords by Baroness Sugg.

Other Arguments

As with many aspects of Brexit, until a deal is reached between the UK and the EU there is a level of uncertainty that causes concern in the industries affected. The Road Haulage Association (RHA) says it has concerns regarding Government’s latest legislation on cross-border haulage. RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett, said:

“While the RHA whole-heartedly supports that it is the right thing for Government to be preparing contingency measures, the free-flow of goods to the rest of Europe must be maintained. It is therefore essential that the arrangements we have at present be continued. This is an enabling Bill to instigate a contingency to cover a negotiated settlement involving permits, or the worst-case scenario – that we get no deal. It is standard business practice to have an effective contingency plan in place if things go wrong. In this case we need to see clear Government commitment that it will seek an agreement that does not impose new permits, quotas or limits on UK international operators. The road freight industry needs clarity as soon as possible as regards what is being negotiated.”

How to get involved

You can contact the Department for Transport or your own MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

This is a Government Bill so it has a strong chance of becoming law.