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The “let’s let Albania and Serbia into all aspects of the EU” Bill

Bill Passed




The purpose of the Bill is to approve four draft EU proposals concerning Albania and Serbia participating as observers in the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, and an agreement between the EU and Canada on competition laws.

Although the UK is set to leave the EU, until Brexit actually happens draft European proposals such as these have to be debated in Parliament.


Both Albania and Serbia are relatively new members of the European Union, Albania joined in 2014 and Serbia in 2012. This Bill will approve EU proposals that Albania and Serbia can become part of the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency, which means that both nations could appoint observers who monitor human rights and help implement EU law.

This Bill also covers proposals to update the arrangements the EU has with Canada in terms of exchanging information regarding investigations into business competition.


This Bill is introduced by Greg Clark MP from the Department Business, Energy and International Strategy.

Other Arguments

This Bill will not have much impact on the UK, especially as it is planning on leaving the EU.

How to get involved

You can contact your MP

If I don’t act, will it go through?

These proposals have already been examined by the European Scrutiny Committee in Parliament, which recommended that Parliament approved the proposals, so they will almost certainly go through.