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The “Let’s Support Victims of Abuse” Bill

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This bill aims to support victims of abuse and their families by allocating more money to tackle domestic abuse and by changing the definition of abuse to include economic and coercive control.

There is cross-party support for this bill, especially because many have called for a new definition of abuse and better legal protections for victims.


| It is estimated that domestic violence costs the UK £66bn per year. Currently there is no legal definition of abuse which covers non-violent domestic abuse. This makes it difficult for victims to understand whether the perpetrators have acted outside of the law and to come forward with cases. The government wants to change that.

The bill also introduces measures such as a ban on abusers being able to cross-examine victims in court, more protection in place to prevent abusers contacting victims and establishes a Domestic Abuse Commissioner.

Through the bill, more money will be allocated to organisations that provide vital assistance to victims of domestic abuse.


| This Bill was introduced by Theresa May, Prime Minister.

Other Arguments

Campaigners want to ensure that the funding set out in the bill is sustainable, especially when local authorities are still facing cuts.

How to get involved

Contact your local MP. Other charities are working with the government on this such as Refuge, Women’s Aid, SafeLives and Surviving Economic Abuse.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

| As a Government Bill it is likely to go through.