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The “let the police retrieve data from abroad” Bill

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This Bill will allow the police to apply for a UK court order to get stored electronic data directly from a company or person based outside the UK.


Electronic information is increasingly important for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences. The companies providing services which generate and store electronic data, such as internet service providers, are often located outside the UK. This puts this type of data beyond the current reach of existing UK court orders. This Bill would enable law enforcers in the UK to obtain data from foreign service providers in countries with which the UK already has judicial cooperation.


This Bill is being introduced in the House of Lords by Baroness Williams of Trafford from the Home Office.

Other Arguments

It will be interesting to see some of the details of this Bill debated, as although the main clauses of the Bill will probably get cross party support, some of the technical details - such as how encrypted data will be analysed - will need to be scrutinised.

How to get involved

You can contact the Home Office, or your own MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

As a Government Bill it is likely to go through.