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The ‘crack down on all forms of extremism’ Bill

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  • To introduce a new civil order regime to restrict extremist activity

  • To safeguard children from extremist adults by intervening in unregulated education settings where teaching conflicts with ‘British values’

  • To give Ofcom the power to regulate internet-streamed television content from outside the EU

  • To enable the government to intervene when councils fail to tackle extremism

  • To consider further measures following a review into the most marginalised communities


This Bill aims to protect vulnerable people - including children - from being brainwashed by extremist ideas and create a society built upon liberal values of tolerance and respect.


The Home Office and Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, are running this one.

Other Arguments

A group of high-profile organisations and individuals, including human rights organisation Liberty and the former police chief of the government’s anti-radicalisation programme, have said the Bill has “no place in a liberal democracy”. As the Bill does not include a definition of extremism, it could give the government the power to crack down on anyone they disagree with and prevent the public from properly holding them to account.

It has also been argued that the Bill could be counter-productive by further alienating certain communities and undermining freedom of speech in an effort to tackle ‘non-violent extremism’. This concern has been voiced by representatives of different religions, including Christians, Muslims and Jews.

How to get involved

Speak to your MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

This is a Government Bill so it is very likely that it will go through.

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