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Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing Bill

The “modernise consumer protection for holiday makers abroad” Bill

Next Discussed: 25th October 2017
Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill [HL]

The “give the armed forces the option of working part-time” Bill

Next Discussed: 25th October 2017
Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill

The “protect the protectors” Bill

Last Discussed: 20th October 2017
Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

The “we need to provide better services for electric and automated vehicles” Bill

Next Discussed: 23rd October 2017
Data Protection Bill [HL]

The “make data protection laws fit for the digital age” Bill

Next Discussed: 30th October 2017
European Union (Approvals) Bill

The “let’s let Albania and Serbia into all aspects of the EU” Bill

Next Discussed: 25th October 2017
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

The Bill formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill

Last Discussed: 11th September 2017
Financial Guidance and Claims Bill [HL]

The “provide better financial advice” Bill

Next Discussed: 24th October 2017
Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation and Liability for Housing Standards) Bill

The “lets make all homes fit for habitation” Bill

Next Discussed: 19th January 2018
House of Lords Reform Bill [HL]

The ‘make peers elected’ Bill

Last Discussed: 3rd February 2017
Lobbying (Transparency) Bill [HL]

The ‘make a real lobbyist register’ Bill

Last Discussed: 13th December 2016
Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill

The “protect mental health patients from excessive force” Bill

Next Discussed: 3rd November 2017
Nuclear Safeguards Bill

The “let’s make sure our nuclear material is still safe after Brexit” Bill

Last Discussed: 16th October 2017
Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill

The “we need to change the size and number of constituencies” Bill

Next Discussed: 1st December 2017
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill [HL]

The “lets make sure we can still implement sanctions against terrorists after Brexit” Bill

Next Discussed: 1st November 2017
Smart Meters Bill

The “give the Government more time for rolling-out smart meters” Bill

Next Discussed: 24th October 2017
Space Industry Bill [HL]

The “let’s make money from space” Bill

Last Discussed: 18th October 2017
Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill

The “lets give telecoms companies an incentive to provide ultrafast broadband” Bill

Next Discussed: 24th October 2017
Terms of Withdrawal from EU (Referendum) Bill

The ‘we need another Brexit referendum’ Bill

Last Discussed: 25th November 2016