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The “give the armed forces the option of working part-time” Bill

Bill Passed




This Bill will give regular members of the armed forces the ability to work part-time, and also to ask to work in a restricted geographical area.


At present, all regular members of the armed forces are required to be available for duty all day, every day. Whilst there are some limited opportunities for some regulars to work flexibly, such as working compressed hours or working from home on occasion, there is no ability for regulars to work part-time or to have a guarantee that they will not be liable for an extended overseas deployment.

The last Government published the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 which said there was a need to: “make the changes necessary to enable our Armed Forces to work flexibly, reflecting the realities of modern life”. Acknowledging that members of the Armed Forces, like their civilian counterparts, want to have more control over how they run their lives by better balancing work and home life.

This Bill will enable the armed forces to apply for part-time working arrangements and the option to restrict the location of their work.


This Bill is from Earl Howe in the Ministry of Defence.

Other Arguments

It is unlikely this Bill will receive much criticism, as it has been acknowledged that members of the armed forces should have some of the more modern working arrangements available to them that civilians have.

How to get involved

Contact your MP.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

As a Government Bill, it is quite likely this one will go through.