Our weekly quiz is a low cost, high impact way to engage young people with the news, current affairs and British Values.

If you’d like to give the quiz a go - either whole school or just one class, get in touch (tatton@simplepolitics.co.uk) for more info.

Each week we write a quiz that’s completed in form time by entire classes working together. It’s 5 questions on news / current affairs, a couple on sport and a couple on entertainment from the week. Normally a bit of a curve ball at the end. The quiz is published on a Thursday and most classes take it on a Friday.

At the end of the school day on Monday, we publish an updated league table of all the forms in all the different schools that took part. Some terms the format changes to a knock out tournament between classes in different schools.

The combined competition and repetition of the weekly quiz make a huge impact on the young people.

The benefits of having students engaged with politics and the news are huge. It helps tick off the British Values thing (Democracy, Rule of Law and Tolerance) as well as helping students explore and form their own opinions.

Example quiz

Here’s a link to the current quiz. You will need a password to view it, which is: FRIDAYQUIZ

How much does it cost?

The cost is £15 per (large) school and includes as many classes as the school would like to take part. If you’ve got a small school or just a couple of classes that want to take part, we can offer it for less.

What next?

Email us at tatton@simplepolitics.co.uk if you’d like to know more.