If you’d like to give the quiz a go - either whole school or just one class, get in touch (tatton@simplepolitics.co.uk) for more info

What is the Friday Quiz?

A weekly current affairs quiz, normally around 5 questions on politics and the news, a couple on sport, a couple on entertainment and one curve-ball.

How does it work?

A new quiz is posted online every Thursday afternoon, is always at the same web address, and students receive immediate feedback on their answers. Once the quiz is completed, you will receive a full list of scores as well as a league table of forms.

To get the most out of the quiz, we’ve found it works much better when students respond as a whole class as this creates lots of debate and excitement.

Knockout cups and inter-school tournaments are also coming soon.

Why is it good for the school?

The competition and the regular fun activity means that students get involved with the news. Students love it!

When the quiz has been run, students have begun to read newspapers and pay much more attention in order to do better.

The benefits of having students engaged with politics and the news are huge. It helps tick off the British Values thing (Democracy, Rule of Law and Tolerance) as well as helping students explore and form their own opinions.

Example quiz

Here’s a link to the current quiz. You will need a password to view it, which is: FRIDAYQUIZ

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on how many schools are involved, but we’re hoping it will be £5 a week.

What next?

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.