What is the Super Canada model?

Boris Johnson has resigned from the Cabinet so is free to challenge the government on its Brexit future relationship model. He has proposed his own - the SUPER CANADA model. Here’s what it’s all about:

"Zero tariffs and zero quotas on all imports and exports between the UK and the 27." The use of modern technology to overcome any delays resulting from the UK leaving the customs union - this would protect just-in-time supply chains. Provisions and exceptions for the services sector (this makes up 80% of the UK economy). Mutual Recognition Agreements which would allow the EU and UK to set similar standards for certain goods, making trade easier. The UK would not get punished for moving away from EU regulations "Security, counter-terrorism, foreign policy and defence cooperation" No Northern Ireland backstop - the transition period could be extended to ensure that a good economic deal is made between the EU and the UK which would make sure that there is no hard border.