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What is the Single Market?

Here is the Simple Politics guide to the Single Market - and a couple of pros and cons.

What is the Canada+++ model?

David Davis (head Brexit negotiator for the UK) has said he wants a Canada+++ model for our future trade agreement with the EU. Here’s the Simple Politics guide to exactly what that is.

When do we leave the EU?

(It should probably be added that while we will leave on 29th March 2019, we will then start the transition period. In many ways that will be a lot like we are still in the EU. The transition period w…

What is the Customs Union?

The Simple Politics guide to the Customs Union - and some of the arguments for and against.

What’s going on with the fishing industry?

During the transition period, we’re going to be in the Common Fisheries Policy. The fishing industry wasn’t very happy with this and Gove answered questions on it in the House of Commons. …

Brexit Jargon decrypter

Brexit is hard to follow. Here’s a cheat sheet for all the words. You’re welcome.

Free trade area v Customs union v Single Market

These three terms are thrown about all over the place. Here’s the difference.

The Trade Bill amendment

There is going to be some tension in the Commons when the Trade Bill comes back the to House. Here’s why.

Brexit Bill Amendment Generator

While the EU Withdrawal Bill is in Parliament, hundreds of changes (amendments) have been suggested by a huge array of MPs / Members of the House of Lords. We don’t think they should have all th…